Internet of Things (IOT)
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Stay ahead in the competition with our flexible IoT development services. Harness the power of the Internet of Things to automate and streamline workflows. Employ the right IoT technology stack to construct data-rich software solutions that propel your business into the future.

Propelling businesses into the connected future

We provide enterprises and startups with robust and secure IoT solutions. Through our IoT services, we assist organizations in overcoming business challenges and exploring new revenue streams, leveraging the power of IoT technology.

Early value delivery

We utilize secure and power-optimized IoT prototyping to generate tangible business value as early as possible. This approach allows for the swift validation of concepts and the acceleration of business benefits in the IoT domain.

Robust scalability

We rely on advanced techniques to efficiently process massive data flows, enabling real-time IoT insights. This approach ensures that organizations can derive valuable and timely information from their IoT systems, contributing to informed decision-making.

Industry-grade security

Our specialists leverage industry best practices and cutting-edge tools to fortify the security of your business and services. By staying at the forefront of security measures, we ensure the protection and integrity of your IoT solutions.

Excellent usability

We enlist top-notch developers and UX designers to craft intuitive, user-friendly IoT applications that deliver value to all stakeholders. By combining technical expertise with a focus on user experience, we ensure the creation of IoT solutions that are both functional and user-centric.


IOT Consulting

Whether you’re at the outset of your IoT journey or a seasoned player, our IoT consultants are here to assist you in maximizing new opportunities and aligning them seamlessly with your business strategy.
We foster collaboration and coordination to refine IoT project management, facilitate seamless collaboration among stakeholders, bridge gaps in IoT-specific technical knowledge within the client’s team, and undertake any other aspect of implementation as desired by our clients. Our approach is geared towards ensuring a smooth and successful execution of IoT initiatives.

IOT Development

With almost 20 years in technology, and 5-plus years in IoT, we excel in full-cycle IoT development. Our delivery life cycle includes


Design and development



IOT Analytics

We offer comprehensive IoT Analytics solutions encompassing business analysis, dashboard design, architecture development, and quality assurance. Our services are tailored to provide efficient and effective IoT Analytics through:
We adopt an iterative approach in developing IoT applications, launching an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) or a first application version with a streamlined set of high-priority features within a few months. This strategy allows for quick deployment and testing while ensuring the core functionality meets the immediate needs of users.
For businesses seeking to leverage IoT insights without in-house IoT implementation, we provide IoT analytics as a service. Clients gain access to a user-friendly web interface with both regular and ad-hoc reports, while we manage the technical implementation of the solution. This approach allows organizations to harness the power of IoT analytics without the burden of internal implementation efforts.
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