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Telecom Software Development Services

Devinx is helping global companies to transform their telecom services and get ahead with emerging technology.
Providing Reliable Telecom Software Development Services at reasonable costs, fit for all telecom demands

Call Accounting Software

We develop custom call accounting software to track different types of calls you may receive. With our expertise, we can embed this into your existing telecommunication infrastructure to track different calls without interrupting the flow of your work.

Telecommunication Software Development

We also excel in developing custom telecommunications software, including Operations Support Systems (OSS), Business Support Systems (BSS), Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), Software-Defined Networking (SDN), and Web & Video Conferencing platforms, so you find all solutions in one place.

Telecom Network Applications

Our expert software developers create network applications and communication portals with connectivity management systems, performance monitoring systems, and telephony system services to effectively streamline your communication processes across the board.

Telecom Performance Monitoring Software

For keeping track of the performance, we also integrate IP address management systems, performance data collection, telecom security management systems, telecom information modules, network layer systems, fault detection solutions, and diagnostic tools to enable teams to monitor and maintain network efficacy.


Our advanced telecom mobile and web app solutions allow you to streamline your workflow and manage the performance of telecom software with automated programs. We offer a variety of services when it comes to telecommunication so you have the ease of managing telephony systems, information networks, and connectivity with minimum disruptions, while maintaining efficiency.
Powering Telecom IT demands all across the globe
Our developers create customized Operation Support Systems (OSS) with VoIP-based services, like server-side applications to enable soft switches and personalized SIP clients to optimize the operations of multiple domains.
We build custom Business Support Systems (BSS) to manage your products, orders, revenue stream, and customer management processes, equipped with tailor- made platforms, applications, tools, and systems.
We develop telecom business intelligence (BI) solutions that leverage critical data from your operations to maximize your ROI and foster strategic decisions through the implementation.

Web App Development

We engineer custom VoIP-based telecom solutions to
improve automatic data conversions, data routing,
and voice traffic transmissions using the multi-faceted
VoIP communications feature kit.
We develop high-end telecom products by leveraging the latest technologies and following telecommunication standards to create solutions that are saleable and provide great business success to telecom companies.
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